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        Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies


        A database of companies that manufacture solar components that are required for a functioning grid-connected or off-grid solar power system. Please select the solar components that you are interested in. For solar panels, check here.

        Company Name  RegionNo. StaffComponent Types
        Xiamen 9Sun Solar Technology费鸟 China2,200
        Mounting System
        Prostar Solar费鸟 China320
        Storage System, Inverter, Charge Controllers
        East Group费鸟 China1,388
        Storage System, Charge Controllers, Inverter
        TSUN费鸟 China
        Inverter, Storage System, Solar System
        Foshan Geco Renewable Energy费鸟 China200
        Mounting System
        SRNE Solar费鸟 China400
        Charge Controllers, Inverter, Solar System
        INVT Solar费鸟 China3,200
        Inverter, Monitor, Storage System, Charge Controllers, Solar System
        Huayu New Energy Technologies费鸟 China760
        Inverter, Storage System, Data Logger
        Super Solar费鸟 China50
        Mounting System, Solar System, Inverter, Storage System
        Corigy Energy费鸟 China226
        Mounting System
        Goomax Energy费鸟 China1,500
        Mounting System, Solar System
        Hoymiles费鸟 China570
        Zhejiang Geya Electrical费鸟 China
        Storage System, Charge Controllers, Combiner Box
        Solar First费鸟 China350
        Mounting System, Tracker, Solar System
        Kehua Tech费鸟 China4,000
        Storage System, Charge Controllers, Converter, Inverter
        Radiant费鸟 China250
        Mounting System
        Empery Solar费鸟 China200
        Mounting System, Mounting Rails, Module Clamps, Ground Screws
        Xiamen Huge Energy Technology费鸟 China208
        Mounting System, Solar System, Ground Screws, Roof Attachments, Mounting Rails, Module Clamps
        Sungrow Power Supply费鸟 China2,000
        Storage System, Charge Controllers, Inverter, Mounting System, Monitor, Data Logger, Combiner Box


        Photons Solar
        From $0.0186 / Wp
        • Type: Pitched Roof
        • Product Warranty: 10 Years
        • Tilt Angle: 10-25 °
        • Wind Load: 216 km/h
        • Snow Load: --
        • Supporting Material: Aluminium
        • Small parts: Stainless Steel
        • Panel Orientation: Portrait, Landscape
        • Panel Framing: Framed, Unframed
        • Weight: --


        MSRP from $65.0 / Unit
        • Technology: PWM
        • Product Warranty: 2 Years
        • Nominal System (Battery) Voltage: 12 - 24 V
        • Battery Type: GEL, AGM, VLA
        • Protection Class: IP 20
        • Max. Solar Input Power: --
        • Battery Voltage Operating Range: --
        • Peak Conversion Efficiency: --
        • Self-Consumption: 15 mA
        • Terminals (Wire Size): 2.5 - 16.0 mm2
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