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        "Our adverts are very targeted (inverter manufacturer advert on inverter category etc.) – how about disabling your ad blocker on ENF?"
        Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies
        Advertising Packages for Local Wholesalers and Distributors

        Annual Advertising Packages

        Local sellers can promote their products in both the product directory and company directory to get plenty of promotion towards customers wanting to purchase from local companies. This promotion is not available to manufacturers, and sellers can only list products from manufacturers who exist in our directory (we list almost every solar manufacturer in the world). Approximate price must be shown to ensure incoming customers are well matched.

        Country, Continent, and Global level annual packages are available, but please only select continent level package if you are able to serve all countries in your continent, and only select global level if you are able to serve globally. Continent level options include: North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, APAC, or Europe.

        Product Directory
        Customers will find your products quickly and easily
        (Excl. USA)
        (Inc. USA)
        Having your products listed in different parts of the website gives great exposure, and this feature puts you in the top 10-20 products listed on relevant company directory category pages. This helps attract customers searching in the company directory rather than the product directory. The most popular tables also appear on the ENF homepage, giving the most prestigious exposure.
        Note: Products bulk selling starting prices must be provided.
        Stand out from other companies on the product list page with a brief description highlighting key points about your product. This helps customers see your listing, and, more importantly, encourages them to click through to your product profile page to find out more. The description is limited to 50 words so you can attract them—not overwhelm them!
        Attract more customers with text and pictures that detail the key features of your product. The more information potential customers have about your product, the more likely they are to buy. Customers are extremely hesitant to make expensive purchases from companies they have never dealt with, so help them get to know your company and increase your sales.
        Your featured products will appear in a prime position on competitors’ non-advertising product profile pages. For competitors who have not purchased a Product Directory Advertising Package, there is an ‘Alternative Product’ box in the upper right hand corner of their product profile page, and this is where your product will be seen on the most relevant competitors’ pages.
        Enhance your company profile page with additional text and photo to emphasise key advantages to potential customers.
        Upgrade to a premium template which features a background auto-play video showing off your factory, a miniaturised navigation bar and a more spacious template layout. With even the navigation bar changing and the big visual focus on the video background – your importance on the site will be immediately clear, and will have a big impact in customers’ minds.
        Your company’s name, logo and company profile page link appear on the category page. This gives your brand excellent exposure and, most importantly, customers can access your company profile page without having to go to the sub-category page. They can also play your company video directly from here.
        Having your large banner rotate in the category page places your company in a premium position. There is only one large banner per page so your company stands out clearly, making a very strong, prestigious impression.
        Rotating your large banner across all non-booked pages throughout the website provides a high number of additional banner displays for your company, greatly increasing company exposure.
        Your product video will appear on the category page. This premium, prestigious position is just one click away from the homepage, allowing more customers to find it and view it.
        Your product video will rotate among the free profile pages of your competitors and can be directly viewed, so many visitors researching your competitors will see your product’s promotional video.
        ENF’s extensive coverage of the solar industry means we have highly valuable data. We can provide extensive customer lists for your sales team’s use (these are general company data, not named contacts); we provide the data in Excel so you can easily manipulate it for your use, such as creating calling lists or importing the data into your existing CRM system.
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